Boats Titled in Your Name

You will need:


  1. The title or registration card signed and notarized by the seller. 
  2. Kentucky Application for Certificate of Title (Form TC96-184) must be signed by the seller at "Seller's Signature" (found at the bottom left hand side of this form) and have notarized before it can be transfered.  
  3. Photo identification is required for all transfers, valid forms are: drivers license, State issued I D, Military I D, or passport.
  4. Social Security or Federal identification number is required on all individuals that are to be placed on a title (no more than two individuals may be placed on a title).

The state in which the boat trailer is currently titled determines whether the boat trailer has a title or registration card seperate from the boat.  The trailer title or registration card must be signed and notarized by the seller to register the trailer to a Kentucky title.

If you have purchased an out of state boat and the seller has no title or registration, please contact the clerk’s office so that we can advise you of the steps to take to title and register the boat in Kentucky.

Boats Titled by a Out of State Dealership

You will need:

  1. Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin signed and notarized by the selling dealer or store representative.
  2. Application for Title and Registration (TC96-184)
  3. Proof of sales/use tax paid to the dealer
    Picture identification (ie) Drivers License, state issued ID, passport, or Military I D.
    Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number for each new owner(s) appearing on the title or Federal Tax ID Number for companies. Limit of two individuals or businesses.

    How will Use Tax be calculated?
    A 6% Kentucky usage tax is collected on the sale price if purchased from an out of state dealer only. Credit is given for sales or use tax paid to a dealer. 

Transfer fee is $18.00
Lien filing fee if applicable: $22.00 - $24.00
Registration fees: 
     1 ft. to 16 ft. $25.00
     16 ft. to 26 ft. $29.00
     26 ft. to 40 ft. $35.00
     40 ft. and over $39.00
     Trolling motors $15.00
     All inboards and inboard/outboard motors $40.00

If you have registered any other boat that may have property taxes due, those taxes must be collected before any other boat transaction can be processed.           








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